Judge rules in HP's favour over patent infringement

HP has had its patent complaints upheld against a subsidiary of United Microelectronics Corporation over infringement allegations relating to manufacturing inkjet printheads.

The ruling from the US International Trade Commission comes following an Initial Determination made this summer against Asia Pacific Microsystems.

The decision in favour of HP has been given full approval, and APM has been found guilty of additional infringement. According to a statement released by HP, the ITC found that APM is a “contributory infringer of HP patents” in the production of inkjet printheads, and the ITC has ruled that it is liable for other firms which have infringed patents.

This covers MicroJet Technology and PTC Holdings as direct infringers of HP’s patents by either manufacturing or selling inkjet print cartridges.

The original case dates back to a complaint filed by HP in June 2010, with HP upset over the importation and sale of products that infringe on its intellectual property.

HP is understandably keen to keep its printer business comptetitve. 

As Intel boss Paul Otellini said recently following talks of HP spinning offs of its PC business, HP already faces a struggle with its print business when digital images are increasinlgy becoming the norm.