JooJoo-TechCrunch tablet now in full production

Fusion Garage said that initial shipments of its controversial internet tablet will materialise towards the end of this month.

Fusion Garage and funding and a manufacturing agreement with Malaysian firm CSL Group.  The company said it expects another round of investment from CSL later this month. CSL makes mobile phones, netbooks and notebook computers, and has a $300 million turnover.

Chandrasekar Rathakrishnan, the CEO of Fusion Garage, boasted that the JooJoo tablet will change the hardware market in a similar way to Dell going direct in the 1990s.

TechCrunch has filed a lawsuit against Fusion Garage, accusing it of fraud to acquire the CrunchPad project. In early December Fusion Garage showed off the renamed JooJoo tablet to a number of journalists in San Francisco.

TechCrunch has served subpoenas on Fusion Garage, its PR company, and PayPal as part of a discovery phase in the case.

The JooJoo tablet has a 12.1-inch capacitive touch scree display at 1,366×768 pixels, includes a 4GB solid state drive, and a claimed battery life of five hours using wi-fi.  It has a camera, a USB port, speakers and a microphone. It supports both wi-fi and Bluetooth.