JooJoo tablet delayed by a month

The Fusion Garage JooJoo tablet – supposed to be available at the end of February – has been pushed back until the end of March, the company said.

The problem is with the 12.1-inch capacitive touch screen but that will be fixed very shortly, the company said.  That means the JooJoo tablet at $499 will arrive on the scene just about the same time as the Apple iPad.

The JooJoo tablet has features including a solid state drive, a USB port, and a webcam. It also supports Adobe Flash – and that’s something Steve Jobs has vowed his company will never support on the iPad.

Fusion Garage is in a legal dispute with TechCrunch that is still unresolved. TechCrunch conceived the idea but fell out with its partner Fusion Garage in December last year.

To make up for the delay in shipping the JooJoo device, Fusion Garage said it will ship a free accessory to make up for the mess up.

The specs of the JooJoo can be found here.

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