Jobs managed to censor biography beyond the grave

Apple messiah Steve Jobs inspired his biographer so much that Walter Isaacson found himself censoring the things that his subject would not have wanted.

Isaacson said he purposely left out details about Apple’s forthcoming TV product in his biography of Steve Jobs. Isaacson told Brazilian TV that he dropped what Jobs thought Apple TV should be, because Apple hadn’t yet done it and he “felt that was maybe unfair to Apple before they produce a TV for me to be reporting what Steve thought it should be.”

What this means is that Isaacson was producing a biography which he felt would be fair on Apple. Basically if Steve said he thought the Apple TV should be pink, and Jobs’ Mob created one which was blue then no one would buy it.

The TV set is important because Apple is about to release its own. Jobs told author Walter Isaacson he had finally discovered how to build an integrated, wirelessly synched TV set with “the simplest user interface you could imagine.”

The speculation has been that Jobs was developing a Siri-powered voice search system for TV.