Jobs estate banishes graven iDolls

Apple’s lawyers have successfully convinced a Hong Kong toymaker that it must not create graven images to be worshipped as false iDolls.

Soon, 501s are expected to be pulled from the shelves and the black turtleneck consigned to the annals of history as it becomes illegal, worldwide, to bear any resemblance to the late St Eve of Jobs.

In Icons, the manufacturer, said after “immense pressure from the lawyers of Apple and Steve Jobs’ family,” it has had to disappoint fans the world over who were preparing a shrine.

Much like the rectangle, no company other than Apple has a right to produce anything relating to a person or product who has heard of Cupertino.

Until recently, the action figure was available on eBay for upwards of $135. For your money, customers get removable hands, tiny blue jeans, trainers, a turtleneck and even some blessed little cotton socks. 

The question remains, which one is better? Is it Cheese Jobs? Or is it Bronze Jobs? Or is it Tiny Jobs (pictured above)?

Well, which one is it?