Japan sells Samsung Galaxy Tab to enterprises

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, the quick to market tablet computer released in the wake of Apple’s iPad, is set for corporate use in Japan. A mobile phone sales firm, T-Gaia, is touting the Tab as ideal for corporate clients when paired up with cloud computing.

T-Gaia, which runs about 360 shops for Japanese mega telco DoCoMo along with others, plans to bundle the Tab with Google’s cloud computing service. According to Nikkei (subscription), it will come with a user ID and password to keep corporate leaks to a minimum if the slate is lost or stolen. Then again there are some serious liability problems with clown computing and a nicked password could be far more disastrous than leaving your Tab on the Tokyo Subway. 

The iPad has been a phenomenal success as the fun competitor – beautiful, according to Stephen Fry and all the adverts – while RIM plans to establish its upcoming Playbook firmly underway. The Galaxy Tab has received some criticism for being just as expensive as the iPad but for doing less, though according to some reviews it shines in different ways. 

Whether the Tab as an enterprise or corporate entity will be a success or a flop remains to be seen. It’s certainly sexy enough to expensively trade up from your netbook but with RIM on the horizon it will have a tough time in the sector.

And that’s just the main competitors of the hour – wait until mid 2011 when all the other slates come onto the scene too.