Japan readies launch of twittering android into space

A report said that Japan will launch a robot resembling a human being that can is so like a human that it will even use Twitter.

According to the report, on nikkei.com, the robot is the result of a collaboration between the University of Tokyo, Dentsu and the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency.

This robot is some clever robot, because the report suggests that it will be kitted out with a camera and look closely at the faces of human beings to see if they’re getting stressed out. It will then, presumably, tweet this information down to this planet.

It is all a little bit 2001ish but it’s going to be with us soon, because nikkei.com says that a prototype will be on the next space shuttle later this month.

There’s a case, isn’t there, for not bothering to send humans into space at all, just robots and caseloads of defunct mobile phones. You can find the report here (subscription required).