Japan cracks down on Apple over iPod overheating

Japan has ordered Apple to explain numerous incidents of its iPod Nano overheating, which in some cases caused burns to customers.

The Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry (METI) pulled no punches with the Cupertino-based tech company, ordering its Japanese office to get to the bottom of the overheating problem and provide details of it by the deadline of the 4th of August.

According to Seiji Shimagami, a spokesperson for the Ministry, there have been at least 27 reported incidents of the iPod overheating in Japan alone. Four overheated so badly that the users suffered minor burns.

Japan has asked Apple for information on this problem before, but the matter is now escalating into a more serious affair. It said that it wants to prevent further incidents from occuring inside Japan, but also around the world, and that, depending on Apple’s response, it may order the company to recall the entire product until the problem is addressed.

It revealed that its warnings to Apple have been previously ignored, and it took a hardline approach on a recall, saying that all products in that line, faulty or not, must be exchanged. 

This is not something Apple will be keen to do; when problems with the iPhone 4 were unearthed its CEO, Steve Jobs, claimed it was a “non-issue” and still to this day holds the party line that there is nothing wrong. Nothing to see here, move along.

“We are taking METI’s letter in regard to the first generation iPod nano very seriously and are working closely with them to answer their concerns,” Apple said.