Jane Austen comes to Las Vegas

It is a truth universally acknowledged that an old hack in search of a quick and dirty story from a trade show, finds the Daily newspaper and plunders wholesale from it. This law, first pronounced by my old mate Dave Evans at Atlanta Comdex, still holds good today.

The CES Daily claims that Ultrabooks and tablets are fighting for the CES spotlight but that very much remains to be seen.

Its other front page splash is Samsung has introduced a 55-inch OLED TV that works by voice command. I think we’ve written about this earlier, to be honest. As we remember it, the panel companies vie to introduce things at this show in Lost Wages and sure enough Panasonic and Sony have fresh offerings. In the case of the former, Panasonic is offering 15 1080p LCD TVs, and of these 13 will have LED backlighting. Sony is showing off what it claims if an upgrade to a 4K Blu-ray disk player. Oh and some LCD TVs that it claims are faster than the average bunny.

In keynoting news, Paul Jacobs from Qualcomm has already done is keynoting here in Lost Wages, while this afternoon Paul Otellini is expected to go roadmapping and keynoting at the same time.

Now I’m going to track down Mageek before he goes to the Beach Bar and totally loses his undoubtedly failing communication skills.