iPad to get over 30,000 free eBooks

The iPad will contain over 30,000 free eBooks from public digital library, Project Gutenberg, as well as paid titles from most major publishers.

According to a report from AppAdvice, Project Gutenberg will bring its library to the iPad for free, and has a photo showing Apple’s iBookstore including the library. These titles will also be DRM-free, while the paid eBooks will be wrapped in Apple’s FairPlay DRM.

The move will help ‘bulk out’ the ebook library iBooks on the iPad, while paid content publishers get on board.

Turtle-necked Apple overlord Steve Jobs said in an email to a similarly turtle-necked fanboi that iPad users can add other free, non-DRM eBook titles from iTunes as well.

The iBooks app will not come pre-installed on the iPad. Users will have to head to the App Store and download it free-of-charge.

Steve Jobs has also come under criticism as it has come to light that Apple director Jerry York, who died of a brain aneurism last week, nearly quit when Jobs failed to fully disclose his illness last year with shareholders and the public.

Speaking in an interview with the Wall Street Journal a year ago, York said that the way Jobs handled the situation “disgusted” him. He said, “Frankly, I wish I had resigned then,” but he didn’t because of the media frenzy over the company and Job’s illness at the time.

Concerns have been raised that since York’s death last week, Apple has fewer independent voices on its board of Directors.

This goes against its own board’s rules and renews concerns in the WSJ about the board’s ability to oversee the ‘strong-willed’ Steve Jobs.