iPad rivals will be more successful in Europe

Rivals to Apple’s iPad have more of a chance in Europe than they do in the United States, according to IT research firm Forrester.

Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps said that Apple has a smaller retail presence in Europe and this offers a chance to the likes of Samsung, Acer and Research in Motion.

However she warned that the prices of Android keyboardless netbooks were too high and the makers of tablets needed to stop trying to copy Apple’s overpriced model.

She said that their prices cannot yet compete with Apple, which has far larger scale in the tablet market and an efficient supply chain.

If they do not pull finger out soon, cheap and cheerful tablets made in China and Taiwan would step in soon with cheaper offerings and wipe the floor with all of the existing players.

She said that competing with Apple will require a different approach from what has been seen so far. She said that local content and good retail outlets, along with lower prices, were essential to clubbing Jobs’ Mob to death.

Apple competitors has to bring together the right content, the right price and the right channel strategy. There isn’t anyone that has all three, she said.

In the EU Spain had the highest tablet ownership and France the lowest. Germans were most interested in buying a tablet. In Blighty, where Apple has 30 of its European stores, ownership was three percent.