Ipad reverse engineered

Now the iFad is in the shops a number of bods have got their paws on the beast to see if it is all it is cracked up to be.

Chipworks (www.chipworks.com) has had a snuffle under the bonnet and found that basically the iPad is just a large iPod and has about as much in common with a computer as a packet of peanuts has with the empire state building.

Firstly Apple has rejected the do-all touch screen controller from Texas Instruments that it used in the iPhone 3G, instead Apple has gone bac to the three chip arrangement seen in the iPhone 2G.

Its 16GB memory uses two Samsung K9LCG08U1M 8 GB MLC NAND flash memory chips. Nothing to see here move on please.

The Apple A4 processor is packaged similarly to the Apple iPhone processors using package-on-package technology, the lower part for the microprocessor and the upper for the two DRAM die.

Dick James, Senior Technology Analyst for Chipworks, told us that the iPad is an iPod Touch with an enhanced display and much increased battery life.

The iPhone 2G-style touchscreen architecture perhaps reflects the date of design start, and we will likely see TI get the design win in the next generation iPad especially as we have seen the same chip in the latest iPhone, iPod Touch, and Magic Mouse.