iPad international launches postponed until end of May

People expecting to get the iPad in the UK and other countries this month are going to be very disappointed or very angry, as Apple announced it was postponing the international launch by one month.

Citing ‘too much demand’, Apple claimed that strong US demand and a large number of pre-orders was the reason for it. This begs a number of questions though – why wasn’t Apple prepared for it? Was it hedging its bets? Does it have hardware or other  problems?

The more cynical reader could see this as more as a marketing ploy to increase the hype in other countries because it wasn’t doing as well as it should be in the US.

As usual with Apple, we aren’t going to get any answers, just quite a few disappointed Apple fans who were looking to get their hands on the much-hyped device.

It’s a shame for users, because it also seems that one the iPad’s main problems in its inability to use Flash seems to have been solved by a Texas-based company called RipCode. 

A new ‘clientless Flash video codec’ allows Flash content to be streamed on the iPad by capturing the iPad’s request for Flash content and converts it into a format that the device can play. This is all done without a local client or user intervention.

The company said: “By transcoding the content ‘in the cloud’, it is essentially analogous to a network-based Flash to MP4 or MPEG-TS video adaption layer.”

* Vodafone said that it will offer dedicated plans for all models from the end of May in Australia, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.