Ipad gets wave through by TSA

Anyone who tried to take a laptop into the US runs the risk of having it nicked by The Transportation Security Administration and getting themselves anally probed. However for some reason iPad users are going to be waved through.

The US Transportation Security Administration has announced that it is giving Apple users special treatment we guess that is because Steve Jobs has assured them that terrorists do not use Apple gear.

Ipad users will not need to remove your iPad from your bag and so long as you don’t have plugs and external drives that clutter the image when computer bags are screened you should be ok.

A TSA spokesman is apparently telling airport security officers that they can let Apple fanboys with iPads through.

Greg Soule told AP that Laptops generally have to be removed from computer bags and placed on the security conveyor belt separately.

TSA will allow travellers to keep your laptop in those bags during the screening process if security can capture a clear and unobstructed image of the laptop.

If we were Taliban suicide bombers we would dress up with baseball caps and think different teeshirts and pack our iPad cases with Semtex. However it does seem a little strange that a government security organisation gives blanket clearance to a company product in this way.

It is not clear if Ipads will be data screened like laptops have to be. Otherwise it is a good way for terrorists to bring their plans into the country. If the TSA people are looking at so called “safe brands”.