Ipad appeals to Mickey Mouse outfit

Desperate to get some form of support for its overpriced keyboardless netbook, Apple has called in a few favours and got another Mickey Mouse outfit to back it.

Walt Disney president and chief executive Robert Iger has gone on record as saying that the iPad toy may prove to be a “game changer” for the entertainment and media industry.

In a conference call after Disney announced a first-quarter net profit of $844 million Iger said that Disney found that “the iPad has a lot of potential.”

“It could be a game changer in terms of enabling us to create essentially new forms of content,” Iger said, practically reading off an Apple press release. “It will be a great device to play games and watch videos because of the quality of the screen

.”The interactivity that it will allow on a portable device with such a high quality screen is going to enable us to really start developing products that are different than the products you see on an Internet-connected computer or on a TV set and digital reader that we’re talking about,” Iger said.

It is fairly clear that Iger has not actually seen the screen quality of the iPad. It is a low res screen with practically no graphics potential at all. Iger’s comments might apply to gear like the Adam but certainly not Jobs’ Mobs tablet.

In fact the only reason that we can see for Iger making any comment about the toy is that Disney’s number one shareholder is Steve Jobs. Disney made the same about of profits it did last year so they might want to butter him up a bit.

Interest in the iPad is waning after people started to realise that it was a pointless, overpriced, netbook that did not even have a keyboard.