iPad 2 to launch on February 1

The founder of Digg said that Apple will formally announce the iPad 2 within the next month, with a tentative date set for February 1, just in time to make Christmas and January iPad shoppers feel thoroughly cheated.

Kevin Rose, who established Digg in 2004, sent out a newsletter saying that he had it on “good authority” that Apple was preparing an announcement for the second generation iPad within the next three to four weeks.

He also cited another anonymous source who said that the display will be higher dpi, but that it won’t be a retina display. Rose felt that this was odd, but said he’ll wait and see what happens. If the sources are as reliable as claimed he won’t have to wait long.

The February date seems likely, considering a mock-up model appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show last week, along with extra details about the device, such as there being a 128GB model.

Of course, we warned potential iPad buyers to hold off on parting with their money at Christmas, since the new version will likely be significantly better and the original may get a big price cut, but that warning is unlikely to have stopped many fanboys.

It is believed that Apple was originally planning a Christmas launch for the iPad 2, but that it got delayed. It may be just as likely that Apple wanted to get rid of its iPad stock to un-savvy consumers first.