Invisage claims quantum dots will revolutionise digicams

A company said that it has created image sensors that will replace silicon and give far better performance for digital cameras.

Invisage said that QuantumFilm, based on quantum dots, will deliver four times better formance than silicon, and two himes higher dynamic range.

QuantumFilm takes an imprint of a light image and then turns it into digital signals, integrated with standard CMOS manufacturing. The first application of the product will allow for higher pixel count and higher performance in tiny form factors, such as mobile phones

Invisage CEO Jess Lee said that there’s a fundamental problem to capture light efficiently. He said it’s also difficult and expensive and “silicon has hit a wall”.

Silicon based sensors only capture 25 percent of light, and Lee claims that QuantumFilm can capture between 90-95 percent.

The venture based firm has 21 patents and patents pending on its technology and will sample the image sensors towards the end of this year.