Internet TVs too complicated claims the BBC

The licence fee funded BBC has rejected internet based televisions as too complex and instead praised the iPad.

Speaking at the Digital Television Group summit, the Beeb’s iPlayer chief Daniel Danker said that iPlayer traffic coming from Apple’s iPad was four times that of so-called connected TVs.

He told the DTG summit that even after connecting connected TVs, audiences are presented with a list of choices that boggles the mind.

According to PCR, Danker slammed all the ‘firmware upgrades’ just to get televisions working with the service, slamming the current practice as more PC-like than TV-like.

Danker said that there were twice as many iPlayer enabled televisions on the market as iPads, despite the traffic figures, Danker revealed. All this is evidence that manufacturers need to get their house in order and fix up the software, he said.

Of course it did not mean that the BBC had to work out ways to get its services off iPads and onto other company’s hardware. One of the reasons that the iPad features so strongly is that the BBC is only providing a Video on Demand service to Apple fanboys. This might be one of the reasons that the figures are slainted in favour of the iPad.