Intel's new 320 SSDs bricked by glitch

Chipzilla has admitted that its brand spanking new 320 Series solid-state drives are shipping with a glitch which suddenly bricks them.

The flaw seems to make the flash drives suddenly dropping from their full capacity to only 8MB. This is fine if you want your SSD to have less storage space than a thumb drive. Others  who spent a fortune on the new drive and want a little bit more,  are super-miffed and are sharpening pitchforks, and lighting torches for a midnight storming of Chipzilla’s castle.

A spokesman from Intel’s Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group acknowledged the flaw  and discovered how volatile the situation was.

He said that Intel was aware of the customer problems on the Intel SSD 320 Series. If punters  experience any problem with an Intel SSD, they should contact their Intel representative or Intel customer support.

The 8MB bug appears after a power failure or system crash and it’s unclear whether a hardware defect is to blame or if the problem can be solved with a firmware update, he said,

So far users have not worked out a way to recover data on a drive that experiences the 8MB bug. However they have got the drive going by wiping the drive’s contents with utilities such as HDDErase.

If the data is important it is probably better that you hang fire and wait to see if Chipzilla’s brightest minds work out a way of recovering the data. Having said that, another group of Intel’s brightest minds thought that the chips were good to leave the factory.

It is not the first time that Intel has cocked up with a serious SSD glitch. It shipped a bugged firmware update that bricked many X25-Ms in 2009.