Intel Westmere gets a good going over

David Kanter, over at Real World Technologies, has an in-depth look at Westmere, introduced by Intel just a day or two back.  The 32 nanometre family follows in Nehalem’s footsteps and Intel is offering multiple cores with 12MB of L3 cache. You can find it here.

British hardware site Hexus reviewed the MSI Radeon HD 5870 Lightning graphics card earlier this week. The guys rate it well, but say the twin fans are a tad noisy and the extra money you pay doesn’t give a great deal of extra performance.

The Tech Report talks about six core desktop CPUs AMD up its sleeve called Thuban – official name Phenom II X6. TC Magazine has revealed clock speeds of three of these babies, with the highest one clocking at 3GHz. Tech Report is here and TC Magazine here.

Bit-Tech looks at some Kingston memory that runs at 1.2 to 1.5 volts. It wonders just what difference that makes. Here.

Anandtech continues to roll, and rolls out a review of the newest member of the Asus Seashell line, powered by the Intel Pineview Atom N450. That’s here.

Tom’s Hardware is engaged in a system builder marathon and looks at a $750 gaming PC. That includes an Athlon II X3 546, Sapphire Radeon graphics, a Gigabyte mobo and a Western Digital Caviar Black hard drive. The system build can be found here.

And finally, MacRumors has revealed the existence of a patent filed by Apple based on iGroups – described as proximity based social networking. Basically it seems to work by using mobile phones exchanging tokens over wi-fi and BlueTooth networks. The  article is here.

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