Intel updates desktop CPU roadmap

Intel will release its Haswell processors from March 2013 onwards, according to a roadmap dug up by

The updated roadmap featuring Intel’s upcoming 22nm desktop processors, including the elusive – and as-of-yet un-specced – Haswell processor, shows Sandy Bridge meeting its demise this coming month as Ivy Bridge is released and Sandy Bridge-E taking a longer time to fall off the roadmap.

If all goes well for Intel, just a year from now it will be releasing its 22nm Haswell processor.

Haswell, whose processor models won’t be known for a while still, will be Intel’s first 22nm and includes the “3D transistor” technology from Ivy Bridge, which piles on a few new features such as AVX2 (a superset of the AVX instructions) and Transactional Synchronisation Extensions, a memory technology that Intel hopes to leverage to improve shared memory performance. Intel will also package it differently from Sandy- and Ivy Bridge processors, it will feature a 1150 pin LGA, so socket compatibility isn’t yet assured.

Probably one of the things that stands out the most is the fact that Sandy Bridge-E will keep going for a full 18 months, without any sign of slowing down. Extreme Edition chips continue all the way up to, and including, the first half of 2013. This means Ivy Bridge-E will launch from the second-half of 2013. Until it does so Haswell will not be able to ramp up in performance, lest it cast a shadow on the lower end Extremes. Expect Ivy Bridge-E equivalents to reach the market by back-to-school 2013.

In conclusion, if Intel is to make the 12-month life cycle a regular, Ivy Bridge and then Haswell, then Broadwell might make a guest appearance in April 2014. This will also be a definite plus for integrators, because a regular release schedule means a more stable launch and support schedule for new systems.