Intel Ultrabooks will not do well for some time

Analysts are claiming that Ultrabooks will fail to meet the forty-percent market share that Intel wants by the end of the year.

NPD DisplaySearch thinks that it is unlikely that Ultrabooks will make a significant impact because they are too expensive.

According to Channel News,   the analyst company added that Ultrabooks would also suffer from supply limitations affecting the production of ultra-thin displays.

The analysts also noted that there seemed to be inconsistent pricing in some parts of the world with Australia being sold Toshiba, Acer and Asus Ultrabooks at a price that were 90 percent more expensive than those being sold in the United States.

NPD Analysts said that ultrabooks could succeed, but it would take a lot longer before they made an impact.

Ultrabooks will become demanded by consumers when things like sleek design and instant-on and long battery life become one of their main focuses. Those who are interested in such matters will be put off by the price.

It said that Intel would be lucky to get ten percent of the overall PC market and will not hit 40 percent share until at least 2015.