Intel to team up with Chunghwa Telecom for smart TVs

Chip giant Intel is to join hands with Taiwan’s Chunghwa Telecom and collaborate together in the smart TV market, according to the Commercial Times, a local Taiwanese newspaper.

Paul Otellini, CEO of Intel, is to visit Taiwan and meet Chunghwa Telecom’s top dogs on October 28 to discuss the possibility of the two teaming up for a smart TV offering. The report indicated that a memorandum of understanding could be signed on that date. We’ve reported before that he’s due for a visit and likely to discuss Intel’s WiMAX commitments too.

The smart TV market is emerging, with the Apple TV 2G and the Google TV leading the charge. The success of this sector is largely dependent on how well-received these products are, which could be hindered, as in the 3D TV market, by high prices.

Intel appears keen to dominate the smart TV market. It is touting its Atom processors as perfect for smart TVs and already lent its support, along with Sony and Logitech for the Google TV in May of this year, which will operate an open platform similar to that of the highly-successful Android OS in the smartphone sector.

Both Sony and Logitech are using Intel’s Atom CE4100 processor in their TVs and boxes, with the potential that other companies who will eventually join Google’s alliance may also employ the Atom – making Intel the company of choice for the processing power behind smart TVs.

Intel may not be limited to its processors as it is also working on a smart remote for use with smart TVs. This unusual chiromantic offering, which we first reported on back in July, will recognise the user based on how they hold the remote, giving a new way to log into a user profile and bring up personalised settings.

Chunghwa Telecom will become the first telecom partner to join with Intel for smart TVs, but it is not clear if this deal will carry over to the Google TV or if it will relate to a totally new competing product.

Financial terms of the potential deal were not revealed, but with Intel’s place in the market the figures are likely to be big.