Intel to spend millions on Ultrabook advertising

Intel is about to spend millions on the biggest advertising campaign that it has taken part in since 2003.

The idea is to get the world all excited about the Ultrabook concept, and while Intel is not saying how much it will spend on the project, Kevin Sellers, Intel’s head of advertising has been telling the press it will be the biggest campaign seen since 2003 when Intel wowed the world with its advertising of Centrino chips for wi-fi-capable laptops.

According to the Washington Post, the campaign starts in April even though Ultrabooks are coming out of the woodwork at CES. We are expecting to see between 30 and 50 ultrabook models at CES. When we say see, we mean we expect them to be there. We have better things to look at really, such as booth babes. Intel says there are 75 models on the way, Ultrabooks, not booth babes.

Any advertising campaign will have to be a bit better than what we experienced over here. We were invited to an Intel party last year where a very nice advertising agency was asking us for ideas about how to flog the Ultrabook. We doubt our suggestion about a novelty advert involving badgers and a cast of a thousand fruit-bats crossing the Dead Sea will feature in Chipzilla’s plans, but if it does you will know where they got it from.

CEO Paul Otellini will speaks at the show today and word on the street is that other than Ultrabooks, he will tell the world and its dog of his long-standing ambition. Once he has got that out of the way he will talk about getting chips into smartphones, which Intel has largely been unable to do so far.