Intel to challenge Microsoft's Kinect

Intel seems to want to help unseat Microsoft from the top of the gesture recognition and full body tracking market.

Chipzilla has just written a $7 million cheque to help Omek Interactive to get off the ground. Omek makes tools that enables companies to incorporate gesture recognition and body tracking into their software and hardware.

According to TechCrunch, thanks to the Chipzilla cash, Omek has $14 million in the kitty to take on the Vole.

Omek’s Beckon technology converts depth map data from 3D cameras so that gadgets have an awareness of people and their movements or positions in front of the camera. This can be converted into commands.

The outfit said that it will use the cash to expand its product and technology teams, develop new products for specific target markets, and extend its business development and technical support presence.

Already the outfit has signed up with Lenovo and provides the software that powers the company’s brand new game console. It also has deals with PMD and Panasonic.

It is not clear why Intel is so interested in these sorts of interfaces unless it is simply a slap in the face to Microsoft.