Intel tipped to release cheap-as-chips Storybook Q2, 2012

Late-to-market mobile player Intel is tipped to be working on a cheap-as-chips tablet computer called the StoryBook, aimed squarely at emerging markets like China and Brazil.

Digitimes reports that the company will run the same sales model as its Classmate PC, a project that has been running for roughly five years mostly in emerging economies.

The StoryBook itself is expected to feature a 10-inch touch screen panel and run on Intel’s Medfield. It may support dual operating systems, and is expected to see the light of day in Q2 2012, where it will be pushed in education as well as regular retail channels at under $299.

The sources report that Intel is expected to have given Elitegroup Computer Systems the manufacturing contract, as it is already an OEM for the Classmate PC. China’s Malata will take orders from Intel, too.

Although at the moment the device is just a twinkle of a rumour in a Digitimes author’s eye, it would certainly fit in with Intel’s wheelings and dealings in China which we reported on last year. The chip company was reportedly talking to Chinese mobile giant ZTE as well as Tencent Holdings in China, specifically looking at capitalising on China’s enormous market potential in tablet and mobile devices. If it’s not this, we can expect something similar in the future.