Intel tells HP to keep its PC business

Chipzilla thought that action man Leo Apotheker was nuts to try and flog HP’s PC division.

CEO Paul Otellini has been on the blower to HP’s new CEO Meg Whitman to suggest that she “stay the course” and backtrack on Apotheker’s cunning plan.

Otellini was talking to Fox Business Network’s Liz Claman, who is apparently touring Silicon Valley this week for a technology special report.

Otellini said that he was “stunned” when Apotheker announced in August that HP was considering getting rid of its PC unit.

“I thought ‘what is he thinking?’,” Otellini tells Claman.

Otellini added he did not know what decision Meg and the board will make now but he hoped that they decide to stay in the business.

He said that print and ink is such an important part of HP and punters are printing less stuff, more and more we are living with digital images.

Otellini said that to leave consumer digital electronics, to him, would be a very strange decision to make when the bigger picture is tied up in imaging.

According to Barrons,  Otellini is meeting up with Meg soon and will discuss the matter with her.

We guess he will have her writing out 100 times “I must not do silly things that directly impact on Intel’s business model.”

Although currently HP is flirting with Fusion so he will probably want a word or two with her about that too.