Intel teams up with BMW for self-driving cars

B-M-WThe dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which suggests that chipmaker Intel is close to a deal with BMW and Israeli collision detection software maker Mobileeye.

The cunning plan is the three-some will build driverless cars together.

So far every chipmaker has had a go at trying to get their chips into cars as the PC market dries up. While some have had some success at getting their hardware into car entertainment systems, the actual take up for autonomous is still small.

The deal with BMW, which has already turned down Apple’s self-driving car is a bit of a breakthrough for Chipzilla.  Of course the deal is yet to be officially announced, but we should hear something on Friday when there is a press conference.

Mobileye has been an early leader in providing cameras, software and other components that allow vehicles to see the world around them. BMW has been a client of Mobileye, along with General Motors and Tesla. As automakers and their suppliers race to create systems to replace human drivers, most companies are betting on some form of artificial intelligence, which requires powerful processing.

Intel elbowed its way onto the car dashboard by producing the components inside entertainment and information systems in vehicles. However, it still lags behind companies such as NXP Semiconductors and Infineon Technologies in providing chips to the auto industry.