Intel SSDs drop to a dollar a gig

The price of SSDs have dropped to below a buck for a gig price which makes them a viable price to combat HHD technology.

Intel has been offering $80 rebates on their 60GB and 120GB 320 SSDs, taking prices to $80 for the 80GB capacity and $110 for the 120GB capacity. It is also offering a $130 rebate on the 160GB capacity.

While this is a bit of a Black Friday sale, there are signs that the prices are falling across the board. In Blighty you can pick up an 80 GB model SSD for £112.50 on Amazon. It is a price which is down by nearly £70.

Intel SSD 320 has a SATA 3Gb/s interface and can manage a 270 MB/s Read, Up to 220 MB/s Write.

But it does seem that with prices like this starting to appear that HHD’s days are numbered. It had been the price of the SSD technology which had managed to keep HHD alive. It had only really appeared in PCs where price was not really a problem, such as Apple gear. With the price being only a little more expensive than an HHD there is really little reason to say no.