Intel shows off Puma 6

Intel has been showing off its first DOCSIS 3.0 cable gateway which can manage a 1Gb/s data transfer if it is going downhill with the wind behind it.

Dubbed the Intel Puma 6,  the cunning plan is to sell the technology to service providers so they can improve their networks.

A test program by South Korea’s SKbroadband mean that we should see the first production deployment of 1Gb/s internet connections in 2013.

ISPs have had a major headache as users want higher broadband speeds to more customers using cable networks. This is particularly as the concept of high-bandwidth “TV Everywhere” products become more available across multiple screens throughout the home.

The DOCSIS 3.0 specification allows faster access to bandwidth-intensive streaming video or online gaming using their existing network infrastructure and DOCSIS 3.0 equipment.

Intel said that its Puma 6 achieves the 1Gb/s downstream speeds by bonding up to 24 DOCSIS channels which are up from eight bonded channels.

Intel Puma 6 has an upload speed that is double current-generation DOCSIS modems and can manage 240Mps upstream with eight bonded channels.

Alan Crouch, general manager of Intel’s ISP division, claimed his company was leading in DOCSIS technology.

He said that the Intel Puma family provides OEMs with flexibility to easily customise their products to fit a wide range of MSO-required.

There are loads of optional features such as high data rates, wireless communications, power down modes and telephone support. Intel was the first to deploy DOCSIS 3.0 technology with Intel Puma 5, and over 20 million DOCSIS 3.0 systems have shipped.