Intel reveals first super-fast Light Peak laptop

Computer chip giant Intel has developed the first laptop capable of running its uber-fast Light Peak technology and gave a sneak preview of it at a European research show in Brussels.

The technology, hailed as the death of USB 3.0, allows data transfer of at least 10GB/sec, which means a Blu-ray film could be fully streamed in under 30 seconds. A demonstration of two HD videos streaming to a nearby TV showed how powerful the technology could be, with no visible lag.

Interestingly, however, the technology has been worked into existing USB cables, with added optical fibres. Whether this was just a mock-up to demonstrate its potential or something they intend to do when they release the technology remains to be seen.

Intel’s CTO Justin Rattner said they “expect to increase [the transfer] speed dramatically”, adding that “fibres can carry trillions of bits per second”. TechEye staff are salivating as you read this.

While the technology was originally slated to appear in products some time next year this demo laptop suggests we may be transferring at light speeds much sooner than that.

Intel has a few YouTube videos demonstrating the technology available here.