Intel releases cheap as chips 330 Series SSD

Intel has announced the release of its 330 Series solid state drives, with a view to creating a wallet-friendly option for those wanting to ditch their HDDs.

SSD prices have been on the way down for a while now, and market players are talking about the technology seeing more mainstream usage during this year.

Intel-backed Ultrabooks almost exclusively make use of the speedy storage of SSDs, and wider adoption is being targeted with its 330 Series.  

Last week Intel released its PCIe enabled 910 Series SSDs aimed at enterprise datacentres, with appropriately high price tags, but now Intel is hoping to capture the attention of cost conscious consumers.

The 330 Series offers 60GB at $89, 120GB at $149 and 180GB for $234, with a three year limited warranty.

The SATA 6 gigabit per second SSDs are aimed at giving a more affordable way to upgrade creaking old PCs with solid state technology.

The 25 nanometre NAND devices provides up to 500 MB/s sequential read speeds and 450MB/s sequential write speeds.  Random read performance can reach 22,500 IOPS and 33,000 write IOPS.