Intel opts for medical experiments in Israel

Intel has teamed up with General Electric to come up with new technology to make people healthy.

Intel’s glorious alliance is specifically with GE Healthcare which is the healthcare division of General Electric. The pair have established a lab in Israel to jointly test new technologies. The lab is not on a mountain top, surrounded by storm clouds and staffed by strange hunchbacks, but fairly close to both GE Healthcare’s offices and Intel’s R&D centre. We guess since General Electric is involved, it will not be necessary to use lightning flashes to animate anything.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the big idea is to align and improve both company’s new products, such as Intel’s microprocessor technologies and GE’s healthcare products that include ultrasound diagnostic imaging systems.

Mike Harsh, a GE vice president and GE Healthcare’s chief technology officer, said that he hopes the partnership between GE and Intel will lead to the development of affordable and advanced healthcare technologies that ultimately will bring better healthcare to more people around the world.

This would be unusual as most developments in healthcare technology usually involve the creation of machines that go ping, which cost an arm and a leg and can only be afforded by rich Western hospitals.