Intel mocks AMD's server purchase

Chipzilla has been bending the ear of those hacks who have asked it about AMD’s new SeaMicro buy.

For those who came in late, AMD wrote a cheque for $334 million for SeaMicro.

The outfit builds micro servers that essentially pack together several chips to save space and energy. SeaMicro used to source all its chips from Intel and it was a close partner. Indeed many of us wondered why Chipzilla did not buy it.

Now AMD has written its cheque, Intel people have been telling the world+dog that it did have the chance to buy SeaMicro but it turned it down, so ner.

Diane Bryant, the general manager of Intel’s data center and connected systems group said that Intel was not interested in SeaMicro core technology, a server “fabric” that links hardware across machines and the data centre.

She said that SeaMicro tried and failed to cut a deal with Intel in the weeks before the AMD buy. In desperation SeaMicro tried to license the company its server fabric, a proprietary networking technology used to connect the different components in the SeaMicro servers.

Byrant said Intel looked at the fabric and we told them thereafter that we weren’t even interested in that.

This was a slap in the face with a wet fish to SeaMicro who is proud of its fabric which it pushes as a a better alternative to the Ethernet and InfiniBand.

It also flies in the face of comments from AMD who wants to license SeaMicro’s fabric, which it sees as a key ingredient to building servers that can share information quickly without burning a whole lot of power.

Bryant told Wired that Intel has its own fabric plans. It just isn’t ready to talk about them yet.