Intel i5 shortage stuffs up Apple's Air

WHILE IT LOOKS like the rumours that Apple’s Macbook Air are set to be delayed because of a shortage of Intel i5 chips are true, no one is going on record to say it.

Fudzilla started the rumour but was unable to name his sources as they only have ketchup in Bosnia.

However the allegations of the ultra-thin 18W TDP processor arriving “a bit later” were stood up by another source that talked to the French Mac Web site Hardmac claimed that an update to Apple’s ultralight MacBook Air may come later than the hardware maker would like. However the French, who are famous for their sources were also unable to find a single person to go on record that will confirm that the Air would be late.

“It is still possible that Intel ships first samples to Apple, in small quantities, at a premium price,” the site claimed.

Apple Insider asked Intel and it was told that the chips have left the factory.

Apple insider claimed that if the Core i5 UM delays are true, they may not impact Apple, because in the past, Intel has provided special early access to the Mac maker for its newest chips. The “UM” distinction represents the ultra-low-voltage version of the mobile processor, which is not used in the current model.

The Core i5-520UM has a maximum processor speed of 1.86GHz, and an integrated GPU with 500MHz of processing power. The 32nm dual-core chip also includes 3MB of L3 cache.

Jobs’ Mob last updated the MacBook Air in June 2009 and it is now looking a bit old hat. The upgrade to i5 were seen as a dramatic improvement for the expensive thin laptop with no connections. If it is delayed we suspect that Jobs’ Mob will be ever so cross.