Intel hums and haws over Light Peak positioning

Intel is apparently unsure how to best position and market its Light Peak transfer protocol.

“We have made great progress with Light Peak,” a rep told TechEye during a demo at Intel Research Day. However, the rep acknowledged that “internal discussions” about marketing and positioning the next-generation I/O technology alongside USB 3.0 were still ongoing.

“We expect the first Light Peak enabled products to appear in Q1 2011…And it is up to the OEMs to decide how best to use the technology. “But we view Light Peak as protocol agnostic, because it supports multiple protocols on a single cable, including USB 3.0, FireWire and others.”


Another Intel spokesperson told TechEye that Intel was a full “supporter” of USB 3.0. 

“Intel is a leader in the USB IF and authored the xHCI specification…And we recognise the benefits USB 3.0 brings to the industry,” he emphasised. “Light Peak is complementary to USB 3.0 as it has the ability to run multiple protocols including USB 3.0 simultaneously over a single cable, enabling the technology to connect devices such as peripherals, displays, disk drives, docking stations and more. It enables bandwidth at the introductory rate of 10Gbps and four channels.”

Tell it to the Marines.