Intel get ready to announce further Westmere details

Intel is due to reveal more details about its latest 32-nanometer processor series, called Westmere, at the the International Solid State Circuits Conference 2010 show next week.

There are also internet rumblings that Intel is looking to shake up its server lineup, not just with Westmere processors but also with its upcoming Nehalem EX chip and next-gen Itanium processor, called “Tukwila”.

The chips will contain an impressive 1.17 billion transistors and include 12MB of cache.

The Westmere series includes a six-core version for two-socket servers and high-end desktops and Intel is planning to expand it further. It is expected that at the ISSCC show Intel will present papers on the Westmere range after first unveiling them at CES last month.

The Westmere processors, the 32nm version of the Nehalem architecture, with chips dubbed Clarkdale for the desktop version and Arrandale for mobile, would be released in the first half of this year. There is also a version for gamers, code-named Gulftown which will be able to run 12 threads at the same time to boost application performance.

The Westmere preocessors support both Hyperthreading and Turbo Boost, although the Turbo Boost feature isn’t available in the budget Core i3 chips.