Intel exits Chinese mobo business

Shipments of Intel branded motherboards in mainland China have fallen to such a precipitous level that the chip giant has decided to discontinue the business.

That’s according to Taiwanese wire Digitimes, which reckons that Intel will now switch its attention to India and other places.

It could be argued, however, that Intel got out of the branded mobo business in China when it decided to get Hon Hai (Foxconn) to fulfil orders it had received.

Intel appears to have talked to Digitimes about this – the wire says that the chip giant collaborated with industry partners to help grow the motherboard industry.

The chip giant does invest in things to reap the ultimate benefit of selling more chips – that’s what its Intel Capital wing is all about. It seems a little disingenuous to suggest, however, that Intel selling motherboards branded Intel does its partners, read competitors, any favours at all.

The Digitimes article is here.