Intel everywhere in Apple product refresh

The elusive Apple has sent its standard “low cost” go-to, the traditional MacBook, to the knacker’s yard. Here comes the MacBook Air to replace it, along with Intel’s Thunderbolt and a refresh for the Lion OS.

The new models of the MacBook Air start at $999 and are available now. While you’re still paying the, er, same low price, Macworld reports it’s for a smaller display. 

Instead you will get a 11 inch display available with 2GB of memory and 64 GB flash storage. If you want a bigger screen expect to pay $1,199. The extra price also covers 4GB of memory and 128GB of flash storage.

There’s also a 13 inch, 1.7 GHz flavour which comes in two flavours. 4GB of memory and 128GB of flash storage will cost $1,299, while 4GB and 256GB of flash will cost $1,599. 
Intel’s much whispered about Thunderbolt makes an appearance. Stripped down to basics bordering on absurdity, it’s a way to transfer and connect stuff to and from the MacBook Air. 

Meanwhile, the OS X Lion has made an appearance. Apple’s charging $29.99 to upgrade. Included is stuff like multi-touch, support for full screen apps, redesigned mail, etc. 
Lion comes with innovative features invented by the forward-thinking Apple team such as……….. auto save.

Then there’s resume. So you can go back into an app as it was when you left it.

Then there’s what Apple calls Versions, which lets you “even copy and paste from previous versions” of a document you are working on. 

Then there’s AirDrop. It uses a wireless connection to tell you how many other people nearby you have spent a lot of money on Apple products. You can then transfer files to them. 

Apple suggests its users with slow broadband head down to an Apple store if they want the 4GB download. Of course, you are locked in with Intel, requiring as it does a Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7 or Xeon processor.