Intel electrocutes David Blaine

Intel has found a truly compelling use for its Ultrabooks – electrocuting TV wizard David Blaine.

The latest stunt from the self-styled ‘master magician’ sees Blaine surrounded by a tesla coil sending a million volts running through his chainmail suit, as he stands on top of a 72 foot podium in New York.   

Intel says that a number of Ultrabook users were able to crank up the volts pulsing through the bizarre sorcerer, allowing fans to control the intensity and direction of the surrounding tesla coils.   

Whether Blaine’s latest PR stunt will be able to work some magic with Ultrabook sales, which have so far fallen short of Intel’s initial targets, is another thing.   The most real and present jeopardy Blaine appears to have been in was whether his perspex box would hold out against the barrage of golf balls and beer cans thrown at him by UK fans as he dangled above the River Thames during his 2003 Above the Below shows.

The ‘Electrified: An Intel Ultrabook Experience’ stunt is the latest attempt by Intel to grab attention for its Ultrabook platform, with a number of ad campaigns aimed at raising awareness among consumers.  Intel told ChannelBiz UK earlier this year that its advertising push for the devices would be the biggest “in a long, long time”, as the firm fights back against the rise of other mobile devices.  

As well as a ‘smash and grab’ themed advert, which we imagine would have boosted uptake in the UK circa August 2011, Intel has also roped in big name directors and actors such as Roman Coppola and Chloe Sevigny as it seeks alterative methods for its marketing push.