Intel denies Ultrabook subsidy

Chipzilla has denied providing supplies with a $100 per unit subsidy to encourage them to buy into its vision of the future, the Ultrabook.

The source of the rumour is Digitimes which claimed that Intel is offering a $100 subsidy for Ultrabooks in a bid to get them to drop prices aggressively on the ultraslim laptops.

Intel spokesman Bill Calder said that the rumour was total pants and insisted to CNET that the rumour was false.

But Digitimes is pointing out that Ultrabook prices will fall to $499 by 2013, and in that it has the backing of Acer president Jim Wong. Wong added that Acer is currently shipping 100,000 Ultrabooks each month which is a hell of a lot. Toshiba, Acer, and Hewlett-Packard are now selling Ultrabooks for under $900.

Given that suppliers have been moaning to Intel about the sorts of prices it had been wanting to establish its Ultrabook as a viable form factor, some form of subsidy was likely. However it would be unusual for Chipzilla to cave in and give each manufacturer $100 a unit.

However, Calder admitted that Intel does offer various “marketing incentives” as a normal course of business.

This included Intel Inside, where Intel provides some advertising dollars to PC makers but not an out and out subsidy.