Intel claims consumers overwhelmingly want touch screen laptops

Intel has just completed a study into consumer wishes for new laptops and discovered that people want to run their greasy fingers all over their screens.

An Intel study has revealed that most users do, in fact, want their laptops to feature a touchscreen.

This might sound familiar. The first Ultrabooks resembled a high-end computer maker with a fruity sounding name and its own ultra-thin laptops. However, it has been predicted that Intel will release a new line of Ultrabooks which sport touch screens, which should complement the Windows 8 Metro interface. These are tipped to be hybrid models with a keyboard in place, too.

According to Intel’s survey, 90 percent of participants preferred using the touchscreen for things like browsing the web, watching videos online, viewing and editing photos and adjusting the laptop’s settings.

To be fair to Intel this is a change in attitude. The world and its dog did not think laptop touchscreens were a particularly good idea because they are not exactly ergonomic. If you poke your laptop screen hard enough the thing will fall over.

Dara Loi, user experience manager from Intel said that people now felt that touch on the laptop was intuitive, fun, and immersive. Which sounds to us like sex in a hot tub. Unfortunately, sex in a hot tub is not that practical either.

But people think that since it frees them from a mouse or trackpad it is a nice idea for a feature, especially when participants found out about actions like flicking the screen to scroll up or down or to navigate betweens tasks.

Here is Intel having a go at explaining it all: