Intel chucks money at vendors in Ultrabook hope

Intel is throwing money at vendors in a bid to get them on side as it pushes its Ultrabook idea, but they’re not taking the bait just yet.

The company is rolling out a new marketing strategy for its Ultrabook concept. That includes heavy investment for important vendors.

The Ultrabook is Intel’s answer to tablet computing. Kind of a notebook, kind of a tablet, it sits somewhere in between. As ARM wins tons of contracts, Intel sees its own concept as a possible road to triumph. Its idea is low voltage models running with low power.

Vendors are worried that the Ultrabook is simply going to cost too much. Asustek is one of the few with a definite release scheduled in, this September, with the UX21. Although Intel is happy to plough money into making its conceptual notebooks a success, the word in Taiwan is that the rest are planning to sit back and wait to see how Asustek’s attempt goes.

While the world and its dog is worried about some market cannibalising some other, namely tablets eating up something like notebooks, notebook vendors just may not be convinced. Intel wants all notebooks to be some sort of Ultrabook by the end of 2012, which is a lofty goal considering there’s still some confusion over the name.

According to Digitimes‘ sources, a lot of vendors are doubting whether a $1,000 price tag is at all possible, given the amount needed for the CPU. They’re keen to test the water but aren’t sure where it fits in as a product yet.