Intel Christmas SSD price drop will boost competition

Intel has introduced a new line of its Solid-State Drive (SSD) range. And it has reduced prices just in time for the Christmas season, which according to analysts will boost competition in the market and drive down prices from other companies. 

The new suggested US resell pricing for the Intel X25-M Mainstream SATA SSD is now $199 for an 80 gigabyte drive, or $415 for the 160GB X25-M.

Intel has added a 120GB version of the Intel X25-M for $249, which it reckons offers the “best dollar-per-GB value” in the Intel X25-M SSD line. An entry-level 40GB Intel X25-V boot drive at a suggested U.S. resell price of $99 is another option.

The price drops will force other manufacturers to do the same.

“Christmas is a time where competition is rife in the SSD and technology market. These price cuts also benefit manufacturers into the new year as consumers will often stick to the brand they know, and have been happy with over the Christmas season. In other words, by reducing products in time for Christmas, brands buy loyalty,” an analyst who did not wish to be named told TechEye.

“As a result companies are fighting to reduce prices and make consumers buy, which will undoubtedly cause great competition in the market. However, while this is good news for buyers, it could be detrimental for manufacturers who may see losses post-Christmas as they struggle to make-up these price reductions.”