Intel cashes in on server replacement trend

Intel is getting ready to launch its Romley server platform in a bid capitalise on a trend towards upgrading servers this year.

While Intel is facing stiff competition from ARM in the mobile computing chip market, it is well placed in the x86 server market.

According to Digitimes, the release of the Romley server will coincide with the big social network players such as Facebook upgrading hardware by the end of the year, meaning that Intel is all set to rake in the cash.

With Intel accounting for a hefty share of the server market, there will be a trend towards replacement in surrounding product areas, such as storage and switch devices.

And with many markets recovering from the depths of recession gloom, the sources noted that Intel hopes there will be plenty of spare cash floating around as businesses up their IT budgets.

Intel’s server offering will feature an eight core CPU, with reports that vendors will be able to squeeze two Romley CPUs onto one motherboard.