Intel and Microsoft strong arm tablet makers over ARM

Taiwan companies making tablets are being “persuaded” by Intel and Microsoft not to use Arm.

According to Digitimes, the arm twisting explains why Asus and MSI who had made it clear they were producing Tegra-based ARM tablets with Android at the start of the year suddenly shifted to Atom processors, with Windows 7 as the OS.

While some will  make the ARM tablets they will be a second string to the bow.

It is not clear how Intel and Microsoft put the fear of God into the tablet makers.

Intel has repeatedly been accused of discouraging the use of non-Intel hardware through pricing and supply practices.

Redmond is the key OS supplier for virtually all Taiwanese computer builders and has some sway over the terms of how its software reaches the systems.

Intel and Redmond have denied doing this sort of thing in the past. But this year they really do need to pull out all the stops.

Many companies have chosen ARM over x86 for many of their tablets,  including HP.

ARM processors have better battery life, better performance with video and 3D graphics, and the option of touch-friendly mobile platforms like Android and iPhone OS.