Intel about to release new Thunderbolt

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a hell on earth yarn which claims that Intel intends to release a new Thunderbolt controller.

The new Thunderbolt will have double the speed compared to the existing one and can do 20Gbps when it is going down hill and the wind is behind it.

According to X-bit all this will be a precurser for a super-fast Thunderbolt next year which will manage speeds of a terabyte.

This year will see a Thunderbolt controller code-named Falcon Ridge as well as DisplayPort v1.1a and DisplayPort v1.2 Redriver.

The new Falcon Ridge Thunderbolt chip improves speed by running PCI Express 3.0 technology outside the PC.

The new Thunderbolt will continue to use copper cables but to get the sorts of speeds next year that the rumours are suggesting Intel will have to move to optical cables.

Intel is not saying anything but as far as rumours go, this one makes some sense.