Intel 8-series Lynx Point chipset detailed

A leaked slide on a Chinese website has revealed the specifications for the companion chipset to Intel’s future Haswell CPU, the Lynx Point platform controller hub.

Full SATA 6Gb/s and dropping some cumbersome legacy interfaces seem to make it a tame complement to the next-gen CPU architecture.

While Intel promises to shift more and more features onto its CPUs, Haswell’s companion chipset doesn’t seem to evolve much from current 6-Series chipsets, except that it has done away with SATA 2.0, trading it in for the 3.0 (6Gb/s) spec. This is a huge improvement if you have specific storage needs that require advanced RAID. Up until now, mainstream Intel chipsets had restricted themselves to two SATA 3.0 ports, limiting your RAID options.

One surprise is the lack of PCI Express 3.0. Considering today’s X79 chipset carries PCI Express 3.0, this absence will be felt by add-in card makers who will have to build accordingly. If you’re thinking GPUs, just remember Intel is in no real hurry to face off its own fused CPU/GPU with AMD and Nvidia’s discrete parts, even though performance expectations on Haswell GPU performance are high.

The leaked slide does not reveal the official chipset designations, but it’s more or less guaranteed that Lynx Point will be the mainstream chipset, not the enthusiast version for the higher-end Extreme Edition CPUs, that today already boast quad-channel memory controllers and PCI Express 3.0.

You can give it a look here.