Infoworld fires journalist over Windows 7 claims

Infoworld has fired one of its contributors who turned out he was faking news in favour of his own company.

Last week Craig Barth, CTO of Devil Mountain Software (aka, scored a number of hits in various internet magazines with a yarn which claimed Windows 7 was sucking up memory.

However, it turned out that Barth was a made up name for an Infoworld contributor Randall Kennedy who writes a lot about Microsoft.

Kennedy made up the name Barth so that he could push press releases for his Devil Mountain Software business on magazines he worked for, it’s alleged. Devil Mountain makes a widget which tells you how your computer is running. We installed it for a laugh but it did not work.

The industry smelt a rat when “Barth” over egged the pudding when it came to claiming that Windows 7 used too much memory.

Infoworld said that it was a serious breach of trust and told him to stop writing for it.

Writing in his bog Eric Knorr said sorry to its readers and said that integrity and honesty are core to Infoworld’s mission of service to IT professionals.

Over the past 10 years, Kennedy has contributed valuable information on Windows performance and other technical issues to Infoworld and its readers which the magazine still believe to be accurate and reliable, Knorr said.

Still it is nice that someone is prepared to fire hacks for acting as press agents for IT companies. If the same thing were applied to the New York Times over its Apple coverage the entire department would be clearing out its desks.