Indian government looking for Taiwanese partners

The Indian Government is apparently in Taiwan trying to interest manufacturers in building its second generation Aakash tablets.

According to Digitimes, the Indians want the Taiwanese outfits to bid for the project.

The big idea is that if the Taiwanese get involved the larger production possible will mean that it will be possible to lower the selling price of Aakash tablet PCs to $35.

International bidding for the new Aakash tablet PC project was originally planned for December but might be delayed to January 2012.

So far shipments of the first generation Aakash models were too small to interest the Taiwanese with only 8,000 units being made for trial use by students. But India wants to ship 200 million units of new Aakash tablets in the next few years. Although the price will be $35 it will cost $50 to make and be subsidised.

The first-generation of Aakash tablets were made by a UK-outfit DataWind with the Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan. It was built by Indian firm Quad in Hyderabad. The seven inch ARM based tablets have an Android 2.2 operating system.

This is supposed to be part of India’s aim to link 25,000 colleges and 400 universities. Aakash is the Sanskrit word for “aether” and means “sky” in Hindi.